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ZTE ZXA10 C320 is a small size, full-service optical access convergent platform and provides carrier-class QoS and reliable network to meet the requirements for small-scale implementation of FTTx services.

ZTE ZXA10 C320 OLT  (ZTE C320) is a compact, dense full-service xPON converged optical access platform for next-generation optical access networks, and it supports GPON/EPON/P2P/10GEPON/XG-PON1 common platform access, ZTE ZXA10 C320 supports HSI, VolP, IPTV, CATV, mobile backhaul, WiFi and other full-service access aggregation and management control, providing carrier-class QoS and security reliability.

ZXA10 C320 is new-generation compact OLT, only 2U high, saving installation space; high line card density: industry-leading 16-port GPON/EPON and 48-channel P2P board capability, single-frame can provide 32 G/EPON ports and 96 channels P2P GE port; ZTE C320 supports GPON/EPON/P2P/10G EPON/XG-PON1 with the same platform access, and will also support TWDM-PON technology; unified bearer voice, high-speed Internet access, IPTV, traditional TDM and mobile backhaul services. Integrated access; adopts large-scale OLT hardware and software architecture, supports architecture evolution, is compatible with ZXA10 C300 service boards, and saves board costs.

ZTE ZXA10 C320 OLT Product Specification

ModelZXA10 C320
Backplane capacity420 Gbit/s
Switching capacity84 Gbit/s
Number of service cards2 (GPON/P2P/XG-PON1)
Number of combined control cards2
Number of power supply cards1
Number of uplink cards1 (10GE/GE/FE/E1/T1)
Maximum number of GPON subscribers4096
Management InterfacesCLI, SSH, SNMP, telnet
Power-48 V (DC), 230V (AC)
Working temperature and humidity-25°C – +55°C, 5% – 95%
Split Ratioup to 1:128
Range20-60 km
Maximum attenuationSFP B+ 28 dB, SFP C+ 32 dB
Dynamic Bandwidth AllocationNSR-DBA, SR-DBA
SupportFEC, AES128, SCB, OLS
Dimensions86.1 mm (height) x 482.6 mm (width) x 270 mm (depth)
Power SupplyDual DC: 48V/60VAC: 100V~240V
CabinetIndoor: 2200mm x 600mm x 300mm standard cabinet  Outdoor: EC90EB, EC70E
Main-Control Switching Card SMXAPanel interfaces: 1*10GE/GE(optical)+1*GE/FE(Optical)+ 1*GE/FE(electrical)                                                                                                                   +1*serial port+ 1*management FE+ 1*environment detecting port                               Ethernet uplink port: MAX. 2*10GE+4*GE or 6*GE
Service Card  (2 slots)GTGO(8*GPON) /GTGH(16*GPON)/FTGK(48*P2P)/GTXO(8*XG-PON1)

ZTE ZXA10 C320 OLT Product Feature

Flexible networking to adapt to multiple deployment scenarios

Long-distance wide coverage: support OLT sinking, long-distance remote installation, mobile bearer, out-of-band and other non-dense access scenarios。suitable for optical access of user groups such as parks, communities, enterprises, townships and villages Multiple networking modes: flexible support for P2P。hand-in-hand, cascading, and ring networking, and other network requirements, rapid deployment of network and services;

Powerful performance for refined operations multicast function

ZTE C320 provides SCB and secondary multicast replication mechanism, perfect and fine and reliable user multicast control mechanism; Complete H-QoS control: ZTE C320 supports three-level hierarchical H-QoS control based on service provider, household and service, and meets the requirements of Open Access network; high-precision clock time synchronization: ZTE C320 provides IEEE High-precision time and clock synchronization methods such as 1588V2 and synchronous Ethernet.

High reliability, providing a carrier-grade system and business security

Board protection: ZXA10 C320 main control switching, power supply and management work in active/standby or redundant mode; Link protection: optical line PON protection and uplink LACP, load sharing, Liu attribution, STP and ring network protection.

Energy-saving and environmental protection

Energy-saving and low-power design: mining and new–generation chip, intelligent low-power design management in single-board machine, system power consumption monitoring, optical port ALS function, etc., the energy consumption of the same port configuration is lower than that of large OLT 35%|above; Environmentally friendly lead-free materials: European COC, RoHS and other standard specifications and requirements.


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