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XC-8420 MPEG-2 енкодер 8 AV входа и IP изход

XC-8420 MPEG-2 енкодер 8 AV входа и IP изход
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XC-8420 MPEG-2 енкодер 8 AV входа и IP изход
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Video compress compliant to ISO/IEC13818-2(MPEG2), 8 X CVBS video and 16 X two-channel audio inputs. 2 X DVB-ASI outputs, 1 X ASI input. 1 X 10/100/1000Mbps TS over IP Ethernet port with bitrates auto-negotiation able. Support MPTS and 8 X SPTS. Zero jitter generation on TS over IP output. Setting program and supplier name through internet and front panel. Both local or remote network management and online update. 10/100M Base-Tx management interface. Цена с IP изход +150 лв.

Video input - 8 groups of CVBS with BNC-75Ω. Audio input - 8 groups of two-channel audio with BNC-75Ω. ASI input with BNC-75Ω. ASI output - Dual ASI with BNC-75Ω. ASI rate 108 Mbps. IP Output Type 10/100/1000BASE-T Auto-Negotiation, connector RJ45, compatible protocol IP V4, UDP, ARP, support Multicast/Unicast Encoding Parameters: Video Encoding - 4:2:0 MP@ML (MPEG-2), Audio Sampling Freq 32,44.1,48 KHz, Audio Rate 64,128,256,384 Kbps, Audio Performance - MPEG-1 Layer 1/2, CD quality, Resolution - Compliant to CCIR601 PAL:720×576 and below compatible, NTSC:720×480 and below compatible. Output rate(each channel) 1~15 Mbps Adjustable. 


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