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Brand: Sumitomo Product code: 66651
Sumitomo T600C, 601C, T400S, T37, T39, 71C, 81C, 82C, Z1C, T66, T81M12..
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Splicer Sumitomo TYPE 72C Splicer Sumitomo TYPE 72C
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Brand: Sumitomo Product code: 48327
Fusion splicer T-72C+ is world’s first AI programmed high definition core aligning fusion splicer.T-72c+ is flagship model in the Sumitomo splicers lineup. Sumitomo T-72C+ Fusion Splicer offersimproved splicing performance, reliability, and overall experience with new features and technologies.In sa..
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Splicer Sumitomo TYPE 82C Splicer Sumitomo TYPE 82C
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Brand: Sumitomo Product code: 41327
The TYPE-82C’s advanced electronic design, which accommodates the built-in dual heating system and simultaneous operation, makes the faster fusion splicer available on the market by reducing the bottleneck of the “heater wait time”. With an individual heater cycle time of only Approx. 29 seconds (60..
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