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Splicer FiberFox Mini 6S

Splicer FiberFox Mini 6S


Splicer FiberFox Mini 6S
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Mini 6S

The Most Complete Fusion Splicer Kit
The Smallest and Most Rugged Core Alignment Splicer

– Core Alignment Fusion Splicer with 6 motors
– No more hassle to place the fiber on correct position, just toss it and we will splice

900um holder included!!

Size: 4.8 x 4.88 x 5.4 (in)
Weight: 3.06 lbs. (w/o battery)

Fastest Splicing Time
7 sec with single mode fiber
16 sec Heating time

Comes with 2 Battery Packs
Full Touch Screen
SOC Compatible

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Battery life Typical 200 Cycles (Splice & Heat) / single battery (2 Batteries Standard)
Cladding diameter 40mm, 60mm, SOC - 3.0, SOC - 0.9
Power supply AC 100-240V input or DC 9-14V
Size 122mm X 124mm X 138mm
Weight 1.39Kg (without battery)
Splicing Method Core Alignment DWACAS (Digital Wavelength Automatic Core Alignment System)
Splice Time 12s average SM / SM 7s Quick mode
Return Loss >60 dB
Average Loss SM(0.02dB) / mm(0.01dB) / DS(0.04dB) / NZDS(0.04dB) / G.657(0.02dB)
Electrode Lifespan >3,500 arcs
Applicable Fibre SM(ITU-T G.652), MM(ITU-T G.651), DS(ITU-T G.653), NTZDS(ITU-T G.655), IT-G657A, IT-G657B
Coating Diameter 100-1000um
Heating Programs Factory installed mode: 11, User installable mode: 23
Heating Time Typical 18s
Protection Sleeve 40mm, 60mm, SOC Connector
Data Output Micro HDMI-USB master device
Splice Programs Factory installed mode: 33, User installable mode: 70+
Splice Memory Up to 2000 records and 2000 splice images
Monitor Colour 4.3” LCD monitor, with Touch Screen (Tempered Glass)
Cameras 2 CCD camera system
Magnification XY: 150 times, X/Y: 300 power
Fibre Disply X/Y or XY, singleX.Y
Wind Protection The max wind speed 15m/s