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Brand: SignalFire Product code: 44070
LECTRIC PRECISION OPTICAL FIBER CLEAVERSF-10It is a high-precision optical fiber cleaver. It is also a new generation of high-end trunk-use optical fiber cleaver that uses electric, automatic cutting, maintenance-free, and smart APP interconnection...
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Brand: SignalFire Product code: 66484
Комбиниран инструмент за работа с оптичен кабел 8 in 1..
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Brand: SignalFire Product code: 44385
Main Power Supply 230V AC to 13.5V/4.8A DC for all SignalFire splicers...
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Brand: SignalFire Product code: 66505
 Dynamic Range  20dB  Test Range  100m~ 80km  Wavelength  1550(±20nm)  / 1310(±20nm)  OTDR/OLS Connector  SC  Pulse Width  5ns~ 20µs  Measurement Time  5s~180s  Measureme..
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Brand: SignalFire Product code: 65286
Combined tool for working with 4 in 1 optical cable:1. Remove the outer layer of flat cable2. Three-hole fiber optic stripper3. Cotton cleaning rollers4. Kevlar scissors..
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Brand: SignalFire Product code: 44386
Secondary power charger for all SignalFire splicers. Splits DC13,5V to DC13,5V and USB 5V/2A..
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Brand: SignalFire Product code: 65185
Genuine heater for splicers SignalFire AI-7/8/8C/9..
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Brand: SignalFire Product code: signalfirecer
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Brand: SignalFire Product code: 44222
Provides approximately 36,000 cleaves• Compact body and light weight• High Precision Cleaves• 250um Coated or 900um Buffer fiber• Singlemode Model : S09Applicable fibers :Singlemode Fiber(0.25 and 0.9mm),Fiber Diameter :125umCoating Diameter :250um to 900um,3.0mmTypical Cleave Angle :less than ..
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Brand: SignalFire Product code: signalfire
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Brand: SignalFire Product code: 44223
Provides approximately 36,000 cleavesFor AI-7/8/9 Splicer cleavers..
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Single Fusion Splicer SignalFire AI-8C Single Fusion Splicer SignalFire AI-8C
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Brand: SignalFire Product code: 41044
CLASSIC MASTERPIECEComparable to imported high-end modelsSignal Fire AI-7C/7S/8C/9 use the latest core alignment technology with auto focus and six motors, it is a new generation of fiber fusion splicer. It is fully qualified with 100 km trunk construction, FTTH project, security monitoring and othe..
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