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For the convenience of our customers, we offer a variety of specialized equipment repair services:

- Diagnosis and repair of Splicers (DVP, FUJIKURA, FiberFox, SignalFire, Eloik, Inno, Tumtec and others)

- Diagnostics and repair of cutters (DVP, SignalFire, Fujikura, Inno, FC-6S, Inno, Tumtec and others)

- Setup of digital stations and individual modules, encoders, multiplexers, transmitters, EDFA

- Planning and design of GEPON/GPON networks

- Certification of LAN networks

- Repair and diagnostics of digital stations, modulators, amplifiers, optical nodes, STB, media converters, transmitters and other electronics.

Dear customers, please note that we will give priority service to products purchased from us.

For devices purchased from us, we also offer subscription support including:

- Basic cleaning

- Calibration of cameras, guides and motors.

- Full diagnostics and, if necessary, prevention with replacement of necessary spare parts, including electrodes, electronic elements, etc.

- Cleaver support for optical fibers