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Scrambler ASI

Scrambler ASI
Scrambler ASI
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 Description
WDS-6100B is a new compact (1RU only) chassis and cost-effective DVB simulcrypt scrambler. WDS-6100B has 2 ASI inputs (Max. bit rate of each channel up to 108Mbps), 2 ASI loop outputs and 2 ASI outputs. The WDS-6100B has very convenient and friendly management interface, the user can complete all operation via local keyboard and LCD display on device, or access through the Ethernet port on device.

 Features
 Support 2 to 4 CA Simulcrypt, compatible with multiple conditional access systems
 Support 2 ASI input interface and able to re- multiplex and scrambling single or multiple programs
 Input valid bit rate for ASI channel: 216Mbps (max)
 10/100/1000Mbps Auto-Negotiation IP output (optional; support MPTS and 8xSPTS)
 PCR correction
 Filling null packet automatically, output bit rate invariableness
 NIT information can be edited and inserted.
 Failure alarming
 Memory protection for power-fail
 TS packet format input automatic detection and output configurable (188 or 204 bytes)
 Local keyboard control and LCD display, or access via Ethernet link
 Application
 Digital TV head-end system
 Scrambling for DVB programs
 Compatible
 EN 50083-9
 ETSI TR 101 154
 ETSI TR 101 891
 EN 300 429
 ITU-T J.83A

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