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Scrambler 4 in 1

Scrambler 4 in 1
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Scrambler 4 in 1
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WDQ-3254 is a new generation of Multi/Scram-functional 4 in 1 QAM modulator, which can receive TS from the 8 
ASI  interfaces, and then multiplex, scramble and  4-channel modulate. It adopts our newly developed functions 
such as “Module Management”, device scrambling, and channel modulation. The flexible customization and high 
expansibility can satisfy the user’s current and future DTV system requirements. 

 Features

 Support ITU- T J.83 Annex A /B,/C modulation,
output frequence range: 54MHz~860MHz
 QAM modulation: 16/32/64/128/256
 Support different configurations by software
 Support up to 4 simul-crypt CAS and DVB-CSA
 Support SI/PSI auto-generation and manual
uploading during re-multiplexing
 Support auto-generation or manual editing of
network information, as well as local network
information sectors uploading
 Adopt extra-large canche memory for both
constant and inconstant input bit stream at ASI
 Support PID filtering, mapping and pass-through
 Support PCR auto-correction
 Output bitrate range: single channel
 RF output symbole rate range: single channel
 Output electrical level range: 95dBuV~115dBuV
(8 channels, step 0.25dB)
 Support gain tuning function, tuning range:
 Provide -20dB RF test interface
 Tracking filter circuit to ensure excellent external
band suppression performance
 Support working parameter import and export
 Support Web-based network management, with
online upgradable embedded programs
 Multi-lingual management user interface and
documentation to suit both regional and overseas
 Support monitoring of operation temperature &
power supplies


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