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OLT BDCOM P3310D, 4Port

OLT BDCOM P3310D, 4Port


OLT BDCOM P3310D, 4Port
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BDCOM P3310D Series complies with IEEE802.3ah and P. R .C intercommunication standard, YD/T 1475-2006, supports CTC2.1/3.0 standard, automatically discovers and cooperates with ONUs of different manufacturers. It can be used for establishing efficient PON solution. BDCOM P3310D Series supports the symmetric uplink/downlink 1.25Gbps PON transmission rate, efficient bandwidth usage and Ethernet services, helping carriers to provide reliable services to their users. Its coupling ratio ups to 1:64, and its support of different hybrid ONU networks minimizes the carrier's investment.

BDCOM P3310D Series, based on the edge-cutting technologies, is strong in functions and QoS guarantee, SLA and DBA can be easily listed out.


All cables we offer have a minimum quantity and are sold in multiples of it. FTP / UTP / SFTP CAT5e / CAT6 / CAT7 Length: 305 m in a carton or reel. Possibility to order 500m and 1000m by prior arrangement.

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