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Layer3 Switch V-Solution V3500-28X, 24Px1Gbps + 4Uplink x 10G

Layer3 Switch V-Solution V3500-28X, 24Px1Gbps + 4Uplink x 10G
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Layer3 Switch V-Solution V3500-28X, 24Px1Gbps + 4Uplink x 10G
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The V3500 series switches provide flexible full-Gigabit access and 10 Gigabit uplink ports, support multiple Layer 3 routing protocols, and have higher performance and richer service processing capabilities. Based on the high-performance L2/L3 wire-speed switching service, it further integrates various network services such as IPv6 and network security, and combines various high-reliability technologies such as uninterrupted upgrade, non-stop forwarding, and redundancy protection to ensure the network‘s long-term uninterrupted communication capabilities. Widely used in enterprise park access and aggregation, data center access and other application scenarios.

Rich Business Functions

Supports L3 of RIP、OSPF、IPv6 to meet the application requirements of voice, video, and data services

High Reliability & Safety

Dual power backup

Support Static/LACP link aggregation

Support L2/L3/L4-based ACL flow identification and filtering security mechanism

Support port isolation

Supports SYN Flood of TCP attacks and UDP Flood attacks

Support DHCP Snooping、DHCP Option 82

Support command line hierarchical protection 

Smart Stacking

Support stacking, improve device reliability, simplify configuration and management

Easy to Management and Maintenance

Friendly EMS/Web/Telnet/CLI management

CLI command style similar to mainstream manufacturers

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