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Brand: Xcom Product code: 31398
BNC - Connector for Microcoaxial - 31398 - Connectors..
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Product code: 30215-M
Fiber optic cable GYXTY 12 fibers MDPE- 30215 - Fiber cables without armor..
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Brand: Xcom Product code: 41525
FTTH Round FO cable with G.657A1 fiberStrength Member: Aramid YarnCable Size: 3.1*6.0ммOuther Sheath: LSZHMessenger: Stranded, 7x0.33mm, zinc-coated steel wireBlack colorMinimum bending radius: without tension - 10xφ,  with tension- 20xφ Drums length..
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Brand: Xcom Product code: 44085
Technical parametersTechnical item1*xPON+2*GE+1*POTS+WiFi+USBPON interface1 G/EPON port(EPON PX20+ and GPON Class B+)Receiving sensitivity: ≤-28dBmTransmitting optical power: 0~+4dBmTransmission distance: 20KMWavelengthTx1310nm,Rx 1490nmOptical interfaceSC/UPC connectorLAN interface2*10/100/1000Mbps..
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Product code: 30265
4 FE + CATV ONU - 30265 - ONU..
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Product code: 30240
chip RTL8366 by Realtek Semiconductor  EEPROM Atmel 24C02A of socket DIP8  Standard power +9 VDC , compatible with all models of switching power supply for LAN networks..
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