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Brand: Fujikura Product code: 41328
The CT50 offers enhanced drop impact resistance compared to other existing cleavers and allows workers to replace the cleaving blade, providing customers with a drastic reduction in handling time and maintenance costs. The CT50 changes the position of the cleaving blade automatically and in accordan..
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Genuine Battery for Fujikura 19S, 70S, 80S Single Fusion Splicer
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Brand: Fujikura Product code: 31347
Fujikura BTR-09 Detachable Battery Pack is used exclusively for Fujikura Arc Fusion Splicers (Fujikura 19S, 70S, 80S). The battery is rechargeable, and to be charged by ADC-18 AC adaptor and DCC-18 power cord.Technical SpecificationsTypeLi-ion (Lithium-ion)Output voltage14.8 VBattery capacity4...
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Brand: Fujikura Product code: 31348
Replacement Battery for Fujikura 19S, 70S, 80S Single Fusion Splicer - 31348 - Splicer..
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Brand: Fujikura Product code: 31349
Replacement Battery for Fujikura 50S/17S Single Fusion Splicer - 31349 - Splicer..
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Brand: Fujikura Product code: 31455
Replacement Battery for Fujikura 60S/60R, 18S/18R Single Fusion Splicer - 31455 - Splicer..
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Brand: Fujikura Product code: 41145
Автоматизиран ветропротектор и нагревател7 сек. време за сплайс, 9 сек. за нагревателяСглобяема масичка в комплекта за по-бърза подготовкаУстойчив на всякакви климатични условияПървият в света устойчив на изпускане от 6-те си страниВодо- и прахоустойчивГолям цветен 4,7“ дисплей с отлична видимост пр..
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Brand: Fujikura Product code: 31294
Original electrodes for Fujikura FSM:50S, 50R60S, 60R70S, 70R70S+, 70R+17S, 17S-FH, 17R18S, 18R19S, 19R19S+, 19R+Download Datasheet..
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Electrodes for Fujikura FSM-50S,FSM-60S CHINA
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Brand: Fujikura Product code: 30104
Electrodes for Fujikura FSM-50S,FSM-60S CHINA - 30104 - Accesories..
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Brand: Fujikura Product code: 30082
Blade for Cleaver for FUJIKURA CT-30 / CT-05 - 30082 - Accesories..
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