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Fiber optic cable hook, YK-07

Fiber optic cable hook, YK-07
Fiber optic cable hook, YK-07
Fiber optic cable hook, YK-07
Fiber optic cable hook, YK-07
Fiber optic cable hook, YK-07
Fiber optic cable hook, YK-07
Fiber optic cable hook, YK-07
Fiber optic cable hook, YK-07


Fiber optic cable hook, YK-07
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Product information:

ADSS/ FTTH fiber optic cable hook YK-07, other called universal pole nose hook was designed for tension and suspension the ADSS fiber optic cable clamps or FTTH drop wire cable clamps, in fiber optic cable deployment of outdoor telecommunication networks.

Key Features:

1.Three unique fixation points instead of one.

2.Close hook and open hook installation

3.Full dielectric

4.Light weight

5.Pole stainless steel strapping application

6.Wall application

7.High mechanical strengths

8.Competitive price

The unique design of aerial nose hook provides excellent durability and variety of application while cost efficiency is big challenge for Installation Company. Application of overhead nose hook give you 3 fixing points, compared to analogs where only one fixation point is possible.

ADSS and FTTH cable support is universal for open wire bail (up to 5 mm diameter) and closed wire bail (up to 2 mm diameter) connections.

The ADSS/ FTTH cable bracket Nose hook is made of high strength, UV resistant thermoplastic, fiberglass reinforced. The manufacturing process is plastic injection technology, which is available at Jera line factory. Usually Fiber optic cable hook is applied on intermediate and last mile fiber optic cable routes.

The universal pole bracket YK-07 is lightweight product, but has high mechanical strengths which is allow the pole bracket to be used overhead pole with screw or stainless steel band at a long duration of time, under mechanical loads of fiber optic drop cable line.


The telecommunication nose bracket is universal and appropriate for attaching either ADSS anchor clamps and FTTH drop wire clamps or other fiber optic cable clamps related to overhead fiber optic cable deployment.

The related to fiber optic deployment products, like ADSS cable or anchor clamps, or stainless steel band which produced by Jera line are available for orders in a competitive price and reliable quality.

Jera line factory test the product in complex: ADSS cable, ADSS anchor clamp, fiber optic cable bracket, in order to guarantee the confidence of the solution what we produce. Welcome to have more details about telecommunication nose hook price.

All cables we offer have a minimum quantity and are sold in multiples of it. FTP / UTP / SFTP CAT5e / CAT6 / CAT7 Length: 305 m in a carton or reel. Possibility to order 500m and 1000m by prior arrangement.

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