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Мounting accessories

Product code: 41456
Product information:Suspension clamp is designed to suspend ADSS round optical fiber cable during construction of optical network transmission line with the distance up to 40 meters.The clamp consists of plastic buckle and strap, which clamp the ADSS cable without damaging. A wide range of gripping ..
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Product code: 66248
HS-30 High Precision Optical Fiber Cleaver Fiber Optic Cutter Hot Melt Fiber Cleaver Descriptions:This high precision fiber cleaver is the newest model fiber cleaver which has the advantages of cost-effective, good cleave angle, smooth  cross section , easy to oper..
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Product code: 44545
Suitable for use in the replacement of old or torn cablesSuitable for pulling fiber optic cables                Diameter: 6-12mm                Length: 600mm..
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Product code: 41450
Product information:Fiber optic outdoor cable slack storage YK-610-L, is used like storage box for optical fiber cable slack during the construction of Fiber optic cable projects. It mostly used for fiber optic splice closure (FOSC).The bracket also called cable slack storage, is applied in fiber op..
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Product code: 41136
Cable support tool - 41136 - Accesories..
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Fiber optic cable Blowing machine 2.5mm ~ 16mm Fiber optic cable Blowing machine 2.5mm ~ 16mm
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Product code: 66157
Тази машина за продухване се използва за продухване на оптични кабели в HDPE тръби. Извършва продухване на оптични кабели с диаметър между 2,5 мм и 16мм. Машината съдържа един въздушен двигател. Той работи, като освобождава сгъстения въздух от компресора във въздушния двигател и тръбата. Входящият с..
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Product code: 41457
Product information:ADSS/ FTTH fiber optic cable hook YK-07, other called universal pole nose hook was designed for tension and suspension the ADSS fiber optic cable clamps or FTTH drop wire cable clamps, in fiber optic cable deployment of outdoor telecommunication networks.Key Features:1.Three uniq..
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Brand: Xcom Product code: 44166
Specifications:Dimensions: 300x180x130 mmCapacity: 12/24/48/96Inputs and diameters of the cables: 3 * Ф16, 1 * 16-40mmNumber of cartridges: up to 4..
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Product code: 41453
Product information:Figure 8 Suspension Clamp ZP-8-1 was developed to suspend the figure – 8 fiber optic cable.Figure-8 cable clamp has unique  design and competitive price.Metal hanger allows figure 8 cable support to be attached on brackets.All the cable assemblies are available in Jera line’..
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Product code: 41454
Product information: FTTH cable ring other called Drop wire ring, is FTTH cable accessory, designed to suspense the FTTH cable on down lead routes, and down-run routes, during construction of GPON network. In other words, FTTH cable arrangement ring is used on vertical directions of fixation of..
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Product code: 41423
Product information:Drop wire hook YK-04 other called FTTH cable bracket designed to tension or suspension drop wire clamps or FTTH clamps with appropriate FTTH fiber optic cable in outdoor or indoor FTTH solutions.Key Features:1. Universal pole/ wall installation2. Screws or stainless steel band in..
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Product code: 41376
FTTH drop clamp D2 designed for suspension or tension round or flat FTTH fiber optic cable or drop wire cable in FTTX construction or telephone drop wires. FTTH clamp D2 is applied outdoor on routes with short spans up to 50 mm.  FTTH drop clamp is very easy for installation, and it does not re..
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