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Fiber Cables with armor

Fiber Cables with armor
Product code: 30271
Fiber optic cable GYTS 144 fibers armored - 30271 - Fiber Cables with armor..
Ex Tax:4.66лв.
Product code: 10011
Fiber optic cable GYTS 24 fibers armored - 10011 - Fiber Cables with armor..
Ex Tax:1.08лв.
Product code: 10113
Fiber optic cable GYTS 48 fibers armored - 10113 - Fiber Cables with armor..
Ex Tax:1.73лв.
Product code: 30067
Fiber optic cable GYTS 72 fibers armored - 30067 - Fiber Cables with armor..
Ex Tax:2.63лв.
Product code: 10094
Fiber optic cable GYTS 96 fibers armored - 10094 - Fiber Cables with armor..
Ex Tax:3.49лв.
Product code: 10010
Fiber optic cable GYXTW 12 fibers armored - 10010 - Fiber Cables with armor..
Ex Tax:0.61лв.
Product code: 10008
Fiber optic cable GYXTW 4 fibers armored - 10008 - Fiber Cables with armor..
Ex Tax:0.41лв.
Product code: 10009
Fiber optic cable GYXTW 8 fibers armored - 10009 - Fiber Cables with armor..
Ex Tax:0.51лв.
FOC ADSS-SS(Self-Supporting aerial installation), 36 fibers
Out of Stock
Brand: Xcom Product code: xcom-adss
ParametersSpecificationMFD(1310nm)9.2+/-0.4umMFD(1550nm)10.4+/-0.5umCladding diameter125mm±1.0mmFiber diameter245+/-7um, with UV coating, and colored to : 250+/-15umCore/cladding concentricity error≤ 0.6umCoating/cladding concentricity error≤ 12.0umCladding non circularity≤ 1.0%Cut off wav..
Ex Tax:0.00лв.
FOC ADSS-SS(Self-Supporting aerial installation), 48 fibers
Out of Stock
Brand: Xcom Product code: adss-48
ParameterSpecificationMFD (1310nm)9.1±0.4umMFD (1550nm)10.4±0.5umCladding diameter125mm ±1.0mmFiber diameter245±7um, with UV coating, and colored to : 250±15umCore/cladding concentricity error≤ 0.6umCoating/cladding concentricity error≤ 12.0umCladding non circularity Cut off wavelengthAttenuati..
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Product code: 30270
FTTH 1 fiber with armor - 30270 - Fiber Cables with armor..
Ex Tax:0.31лв.
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