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Fiber cable measure instruments

Fiber cable measure instruments
Fiber cable measure instruments
Product code: 66248
HS-30 High Precision Optical Fiber Cleaver Fiber Optic Cutter Hot Melt Fiber Cleaver Descriptions:This high precision fiber cleaver is the newest model fiber cleaver which has the advantages of cost-effective, good cleave angle, smooth  cross section , easy to oper..
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Brand: DVP Product code: 31415
Fiber cleaver for DVP740 - 31415 - Accesories..
Ex Tax:185.00лв.
Product code: 30924
Fiber Identifer - 30924 - Accesories..
Ex Tax:357.01лв.
Fiber Optic Cleaver Tumtec A9+ Fiber Optic Cleaver Tumtec A9+
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Brand: Tumtec Product code: 66138
Advantages:Small size, lightweight, and easy handlingApplicable up to 12-fibre ribbon cleavingFibre collector equipped as standard2-action operation including fibre scrap collectionOperation: Push back blade -> Set fibre -> Close bodyBlade speed and anvil speed are mechanically controlledBlade..
Ex Tax:370.00лв.
Fiber Optic Fiber Cleaver SignalFire SF-10 Fiber Optic Fiber Cleaver SignalFire SF-10
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Brand: SignalFire Product code: 44070
LECTRIC PRECISION OPTICAL FIBER CLEAVERSF-10It is a high-precision optical fiber cleaver. It is also a new generation of high-end trunk-use optical fiber cleaver that uses electric, automatic cutting, maintenance-free, and smart APP interconnection...
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Brand: Fujikura Product code: 41328
The CT50 offers enhanced drop impact resistance compared to other existing cleavers and allows workers to replace the cleaving blade, providing customers with a drastic reduction in handling time and maintenance costs. The CT50 changes the position of the cleaving blade automatically and in accordan..
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Product code: 66436
Launch fiber 500m round box SC/APC-SC/APC..
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Product code: 66435
Launch fiber 500m round box SC/UPC-SC/UPC..
Ex Tax:120.00лв.
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