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Brand: Deviser Product code: 66142
C1200+ DVB-C Meter is specially designed for installation and field technicians seeking to quickly ensure the quality of digital and analog cable services With streamlined appearance design and simple user interface, C1200+ offers the most cost effective choice for a variety of applications.Key ..
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OTDR AE3100CP-2 - 37/35/35dB, 1310/1550/1650nm
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Brand: Deviser Product code: 1110B
OTDR AE3100CP-2 - 37/35/35dB, 1310/1550/1650nm - 1110B - OTDR..
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Brand: Deviser Product code: 65140
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OTDR Deviser AE3100CP-1 - 37/35/35dB, 1310/1550/1625nm
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Brand: Deviser Product code: 1110
OTDR Deviser AE3100CP-1 - 37/35/35dB, 1310/1550/1625nm - 1110 - OTDR..
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PON Power Meter G-PON, XG(S)-PON, и 10G E-PON PON Power Meter G-PON, XG(S)-PON, и 10G E-PON
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Brand: Deviser Product code: P1
The EP350 is a 10G-PON Optical Power Meter. Equipped with high-resolutionphotodetectors, the EP350 can make single-wave & pass-through measurementsfor upstream and downstream signals. For upstream signals, it can also performburst light power measurements.With WiFi and USB connectivity, you'll r..
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Brand: Deviser Product code: 30048
Digital TV signal power measurement (QAM, QPSK, COFDM) ﹡Support 16/32/64/128/256 QAM/ITU-T J.83 A/B/C ﹡Digital channel analysis(Constellation Diagram, MER, BER and etc.) ﹡Channel spectrum scanning ﹡Frequency Range :5MHz ~ 1000MHz ﹡Accuracy :50×10-6 (20℃±5℃) ﹡Resolution :10KHz ﹡Demodulation : 64/256Q..
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Brand: Deviser Product code: 31179
Key Benefits • Comprehensive tool for installation and maintenance of cable networks • Fast spectrum analysis, 5~1220 MHz • 5~1052MHz (Analog TV), 46~1052MHz (Digital TV) • Digital TV measurements include: Average Power, MER, BER, BER Statistics, Constellation • Analog TV measurements include: Level..
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