The TVT smart supermarket security solution


The outdoor area of the supermarket includes several important monitoring scenes such as parking lots, entrances and exits. According to the needs of different scenes we deploy panoramic stitching cameras, LPR cameras, and Face Recognition Terminal.

In the indoor area we provide professional solutions including thermal camera, HD surveillance camera, management server, and so on. Parking lots are equipped with LPR camera. It automatically recognizes license plate with no need for guards. Thus, it guarantees the rapid passage of vehicles.

At entrances and exits accurate identification of VIP customer and real-time recording of flow data provide better service for VIP customers. With face recognition technology you can have a better analysis of customers repeat purchase behaviors. As for customers with theft convictions the camera identifies them imperceptibly and alerts the security to keep an eye of them without disturbing other customers. When a suspicious person tries to steal goods, security personnel can stop it accordingly in time to prevent loss of supermarket goods and other properties. HD cameras with built-in speakers are installed in cashier area. The HD cameras are equipped with NVR that supports POS function. The NVR records the image and the sound simultaneously and overlays the bill on the video. When a dispute arises you can quickly obtain evidence just by playing back the video 4-lens stitching cameras are installed in the square eliminating the need to install multiple cameras in different locations. With ultra-wide 180 viewing angle, the stitching camera takes in the whole square in full view. Visitor parking is not allowed in the warehouse unloading area. The camera identifies the vehicles precisely by recognizing the license plate number. When a foreign vehicle enters the unloading area an alarm is automatically triggered to remind the vehicle to leave as soon as possible. The warehouse gate is equipped with Face Recognition Terminal. Warehouse managers carrying goods can pass after successful face recognition verification without putting down the goods.

Warehouse thermal cameras detects the temperature of goods and environment in real time and prevent fire before it starts. For the supermarket’s overall traffic activities we use the thermography to record the hot spot areas of supermarket containers to provide data support for merchandise placement and merchandise planning. Cameras are installed with video structure analysis function to support customer demographic profiling.

NVMS platform provides massive data access and visual reports of supermarket operation data which provide data support for supermarket management and decision-making. The extra-large video surveillance screen support smart playback and fast tracking. Exclusive VIP service provides more thoughtful service for customers.

With TVT solutions, we can make the supermarket smarter