Tumtec is a company with 15 years of experience and experience in the production of splicers for the telecommunications industry. They have a wide range of splitters and cutters and all products are self-developed thanks to strong R&D. Tumtec holds over 30 international certificates and patents, with their machines being sold successfully in over 70 countries worldwide.

The Tumtec FST-83A is a Core Alignment Splicer that offers build quality and a feel for a much more expensive machine. The chassis is manufactured using German CNC technology, and the optical image augmentation and analysis system is rated the best on the market. The chipset is made in Korea, and Tumtec uses a small amount of Japanese components.

The splitter is heavy, the workmanship is atypically good for a machine made in China. The power-on time is 3 seconds. The menu operation is easy and intuitive, the default settings generally do not need to be changed to get started immediately. In terms of fiber, the machine supports all modes of operation with all commercial and even some not so popular fibers, so the likelihood that you cannot weld yours is null and void. If by chance there is no predefined combination of the types of fibers you want to weld, just add it.

The splicer is dust and waterproof as a standard, but also operates over a large temperature range and altitude. Unlike some of the more expensive alternatives to the Tumtec FST-83A, you will have no problem welding fibers in the mountains in winter. As long as you want it and need it. In fast mode, the weld takes 6s and the oven bakes for 13s. Or a total of 22s after switching on you will have ready and baked welding. In normal operation, this process will take about a minute. The 5200mAh battery withstands about 280 welds + bursts on average. The three-stage ice lamp combined with the backlight of the keyboard allow for trouble-free night work as well as in dimly lit rooms.