Full color camera

Although video surveillance technology has made incredible progress in the past ten years, for example, the camera resolution has been increased from 2MP as the mainstream to 4/5MP as the mainstream, and the dustproof and waterproof level has been increased from IP66 to the universal IP67, which is universally realized. Remote monitoring of cloud services, etc. But there is still one feature that remains unchanged:Most security cameras can still only turn on the infrared light at night, leaving us with a grainy, low-contrast, monochromatic lens 50% of the time. This may cause you to lose key details, even with a good 4K lens.

If you are looking for a full-color lens at night, we are introducing you a new camera today. Meet our latest 24/7 color camera: TVT's C1 series! The combination of advanced Light explorer technology and bright white light means that these cameras can display your surveillance information in complete, beautiful and clear colors during the day or night.

Even in low light conditions, TVT's full-color camera can capture vivid color information. Effectively extract the color features of night parks, dark alleys and other places with high crime rates, whether it is characters, vehicles or details, which provides great help for the police in the process of obtaining evidence. In addition, the full-color camera also cooperates with the AI function to further improve the efficiency and accuracy of target recognition and feature extraction.

24/7 color monitoring

• Present color images and capture vivid details in low light conditions.

• Significantly increase the possibility of collecting effective evidence of people, vehicles and incidents through brighter monitoring

Excellent video quality in the dark

• Provides warm and intelligent auxiliary light, which can protect the eyes better than traditional blue light; use Starlight BSI Sensor and F1.0 super large aperture lens to ensure image clarity even in total darkness.

The accuracy rate of artificial intelligence at night is as high as 99%

• Support integration with NVR to realize artificial intelligence search and improve retrieval efficiency.

• Use an exclusive AI intelligent algorithm to filter false alarms and allow people and vehicles to be classified, focusing only on the targets of interest.

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