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Base Unit DMP900

Base Unit DMP900
Base Unit DMP900
Base Unit DMP900
Base Unit DMP900
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Base Unit DMP900
Base Unit DMP900
Base Unit DMP900
Base Unit DMP900
Base Unit DMP900
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The DMP900 is Wellav’s most advanced technology solution, which service operators, offers you a compact and reliable headend with comprehensive video delivery solutions in a 1RU chassis. It’s the best choice for all service providers.

With specific modules, DMP900 provides: 
1) Any Input to Any Output
2) Compact modular design: 1RU with 6 modules
3) Multi-Function: multiplexing, receiving, encoding, transcoding, modulation scrambling, multiplexing and more.
4) Power and I/O redundancy
5) Hot swappable power supplies modules
6) Future module/function supported
Highly integrated digital TV solution
1) 6 module slots in 1RU chassis, with more than 30 different modules to meet any requirements.
1) Up to 20 SD or 10 HD programs encoding
2) Up to 40 SD or 10 HD programs transcoding (With 5 TCHD-M modules and IP module)
3) Multi-audio MPG/AAC/AC3 encoding options available
1) Up to 20 frequencies of DVB-S/S2/C/T/T2/ISDB-T/ATSC receiving
1) Up to 40-QAM stream modulation
2) Up to 20-OFDM stream modulation
3) Up to 16 frequencies trans-modulation(DVB-S/S2/T/T2/ISDB-T/ATSC to QAM/OFDM)
Stream processing
1) Up to Gbps processing (approx. 1500 programes)
2) 24ASI ports of multiplexing
3) 20 ASI to IP gateway
4) Internal multiplexing 
5) EIT multiplexing
6) Supports SI and EPG data insertion
Management interface
1) Support both Web GUI and client-based NMS
2) SNMP supported for system integration
3) Configuration importable or exportable for easy maintenance
4) Signal status monitoring
*Not all features are listed above. Please find more information on the specification page.

24/7non-stop service guaranteed
DMP900 offers the best reliability with power supply and I/O redundancy design. Each DMP900 has been tested under the strictest aging conditions before delivery. All features give you a guarantee for 24/7 service.

Reduced Rack Space and Energy Savings
The DMP900 modular design reduces the rack space required for your headend system. This design also offers a 40% reduction in energy usage and simplifies the Headend system operation and maintenance.
Flexible distribution with Any-In-Any-Out feature
DMP900 has a variety of popular I/O interface modules that can be easily integrated into a new or existing video distribution networks for Digital/Cable TV or IPTV/OTT operators.
Easy management and configuration
DMP900 comes with a Web GUI or Network Management Software (NMS) which provides operators a convenient way to monitor, manage and configure the installed modules.
SNMP protocol is also supported for external management integration on every chassis.

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