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Access controller HikVision DS-K2601T

Access controller HikVision DS-K2601T
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Access controller HikVision DS-K2601T
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Pro Series Access Controller

Supports anti-passback function, multi-card function, first person function, super card and super password function

Online upgrade function and online remote control of the doors

Supports alarm event upload (including tamper-proof alarm, unsecured door alarm, forced entry alarm, delayed door alarm, duress card and code alarm, blocklist alarm and alarm for invalid card swiping attempts alarm)

Supports RS-485 interface and Wiegand interface for accessing card reader. Wiegand interface supports W26/W34 and is seamlessly compatible with third-party card reader with Wiegand interface

Supports time synchronization via NTP, manual or automatic method

Supports standby battery

Data can be permanently saved when the access controller is powered off

Supports battery access

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