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Brand: TVT Product code: 41404
TD-8443IS (PE/25M/AR10) 4MP 25x Network IR speed dome camera is an entry-level AI detection, tracking PTZ for wide range of intrusion and perimeter pr..
Ex Tax:855.00лв.
Brand: TVT Product code: 41470
Features 1/2.5" 4MP CMOS Up to 2560 × 1440 resolution Support H.265/H.264/MJPEG video compression 120dB WDR Powerful 30X optical zoom Max. 25/..
Ex Tax:1,385.10лв.
Tablet TD-E2128-B TM /TP with wrist temperature measurement Tablet TD-E2128-B TM /TP with wrist temperature measurement
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Brand: TVT Product code: 41469
Features   8 inch LCD screen   High-accuracy IR body temperature measurement   Non-contact body temperature measurement&..
Ex Tax:1,231.20лв.
Brand: TVT Product code: 41356
Features 8 inch LCD screen High-accuracy IR body temperature measurement Non-contact body temperature measurement Human-sounding voice prompt R..
Ex Tax:2,000.70лв.
Brand: TVT Product code: 41358
Features Starlight 1080P ( 1920 × 1080 )@30fps Support SMART H.265/H.264 coding ICR auto switch, true day/night 50 ~ 70m IR night view distance..
Ex Tax:658.35лв.
Brand: TVT Product code: 41440
Features   Adopt 4 high-performance 2MP 1/2.8" CMOS image sensors   Max. resolution: 8MP ( 4096 × 1800)@30fps   Starligh..
Ex Tax:1,197.00лв.
Product code: 41083
Ex Tax:3,961.34лв.
PON CATV EDFA 16 ports x 20dBm - HQ PON CATV EDFA 16 ports x 20dBm - HQ
Out of Stock
Product code: 30927
Ex Tax:4,571.07лв.
Product code: 31134
Ex Tax:5,793.74лв.
PON CATV EDFA 8 ports x 20dbm - HQ PON CATV EDFA 8 ports x 20dbm - HQ
Out of Stock
Product code: 31133
Ex Tax:3,257.79лв.
PON CATV EDFA 8 ports x 21dbm - HQ PON CATV EDFA 8 ports x 21dbm - HQ
Out of Stock
Product code: 31110
Ex Tax:3,349.65лв.
Product code: 31111
Ex Tax:3,420.00лв.
Product code: 41353
Ex Tax:3,163.50лв.
Brand: Tumtec Product code: 41139
Splicer Tumtec FST-V1Extremely small, lightweight and comfortable splicer.Weight 1.15kg with rubber cover included.Dimensions: 132 x 205 x 98mm with r..
Ex Tax:2,142.63лв.
Single Fusion Splicer AI-8C Single Fusion Splicer AI-8C
-45 %
Brand: SignalFire Product code: 41044
CLASSIC MASTERPIECEComparable to imported high-end modelsSignal Fire AI-7C/7S/8C/9 use the latest core alignment technology with auto focus and six mo..
2,038.80лв. 3,728.78лв.
Ex Tax:1,699.00лв.
Product code: 31094
Splicer XCOM-88 1. Hardness: Titanium body, rubber protection, quakeproof, dustproof, waterproof 2. Fast: 7s fast splicing, 30s fast heating. Supp..
Ex Tax:3,036.28лв.
Brand: DVP Product code: 31415
Fiber cleaver for DVP740 - 31415 - Accesories..
Ex Tax:175.89лв.
Brand: Inno Instrument Product code: 40929
PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONView 6L, a core-alignment fusion splicer with the world's highest fiber image magnification rate, is the exclusive fusion splicer p..
Ex Tax:9,282.86лв.

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